Monday, December 13, 2010

Six Months of JOY

Sunday marked six months with my husband, Greyson.  We celebrated by going to a 1940's White Christmas Ball in Boulder on Saturday!  It was great, we got to dress up like we were from that era and danced off and on throughout the evening.  Greyson looked really handsome in his Grandfather's Hat and Eisenhower jacket from WWII.  

Here's some of pictures from the ball and a few from our wedding.

Ready to go on our date.
We enjoyed our celebration and dancing.

1940's Ball, December 11, 2010
Greyson being goofy.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown
One of pre-wedding pictures

On of my favorite wedding pictures
Along with this one

Our Family

 I can't believe that we have been married for six months, were did the time go?!  It's amazing, time has gone so fast, but it also feels like we've been married forever already.  Weird, but crazy at the same time.  I never thought that I would have a gotten married again as soon as I did, but God had other plans.  His plans were better than what I was thinking, go figure.  He blessed me with an amazing man, who also is a great dad to my son!  I love my husband and wouldn't trade him for the world, I look forward to many years of happiness and more children.  I love you Greyson!

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