Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good News About PTA School

Last month I applied to PTA school in Ft. Morgan, I recently checked on my application and found out that I am on the waiting list for the program!  It's not quite as exciting as receiving an acceptance letter, but it still made me really happy!  So, being on the waiting list means that if there is someone who cannot do the program this fall, I will hopefully get the open slot.  If not, it will be one more year and that would be okay too.  There are still a couple of classes I can take while I wait and can have more time with my kiddos.  So, that's the update on school and I am currently working on my observation hours.  I really am enjoying them and have over 50 hours done of the 100 hours needed.  I can't wait to get into the program though and actually be able to do some hands on learning! 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Brief Update for the last Six Months

Wow, it sure has been a long time since I updated my blog.  Life has been quite busy since October, we finished last semester and enjoyed a pretty relaxing Christmas break.  My baby bump really began to show during break. . .at least I thought it did.  Then my son started preschool two days after his birthday and I went back to school for this semester.  Rylan has been doing fantastic in school, it was definitely an adjustment, but has been so helpful for him.  He went from using 5 signs or so, to 14-15 signs in 3 months!  It has been so nice to have him know more sign language and being able to communicate more.

My hubby is in school and it seems to be going well, I think he and are both ready for the semester to be done though.  I am really ready for this semester to be done. . .not because of school though.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl!  She is due April 30th, so only two weeks and one day. . .I am hoping she comes before her due date though.  I am ready for her to be her and not be pregnant anymore!  It's been a great pregnancy, but I am ready to hold her and see what she looks like!  Throughout my pregnancy I have been told I don't really look that pregnant, it makes me giggle a little.  Especially considering how huge I was with Rylan!  I have been enjoying not being HUGE and having been quite active and more comfortable this time.  I am starting to have some days where it's hard to get comfortable sitting, standing, etc. but those days shouldn't be too much longer and I will get to hold our little bundle of joy!

That's a pretty brief update for the last six months, I am hoping to be better about blogging and keeping up to date.  To bring this blog post to a close, here are few prego pictures my sister took for us.  :)