Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall is Here


Fall is definitely here in Colorado.  The trees are changing beautifully, which makes my commute to school enjoyable.  Hopefully I can snap a picture this next week.  I started school back in August and it is great!  I love it and look forward what new things we will learn each week.  Things have been really busy for us recently.  My husband is busily teaching, our little guy is in preschool and our daughter is growing like a weed and learning new stuff everyday.  This last week she has started saying "bubble" and anytime she sees bubbles she says it.  

A recent thing I have tried are DoTERRA oils, they are fantastic!  They have helped me feel better when I have been sick, along with my kiddos and mom.  They smell fantastic and are useful for so many things.  Also, I have been teaching Zumba since June and it has been going pretty well.  I am glad to be teaching on a regular basis and just last month I got certified to teach Aqua Zumba!  I can't wait to teach it! 

Overall, life is going well and school is awesome!  Oh, something else exciting right now is, my sister got engaged last week and yesterday asked me to be her matron of honor!  I am really excited for her and her fiancĂ©e!

Well, that's it for a short update.  Will try to have more posts soon!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Short Recap


I knew it had been a long time since I blogged, but didn't realize a whole year and a few months have past.  A lot has happened in that time.  My husband and I welcomed our beautiful and spunky daughter Eleanora into the world on Monday, April 30, 2012.  I will have to do another post about her learning and growing for the past year.  Our son has been in preschool for a year and a half already.  Again, I will have to do a post about our little guy, he has made some great strides in this last year!  I have been going to school and took 2 semesters of American Sign Language and loved it!

Now, starting on August 19th I will start at Morgan Community College for the Physical Therapy Assistant program.  I have anxiously waited to start for the last 2 years and finally get to!  It will be two years, but I can hardly wait and know it is going to be challenging and awesome.  Another new thing for me is, I am teaching my own Zumba classes now!  I started on July 3rd and love it!  There is more work to do than I anticipated, but it is great and getting me in shape.  Also, I have started doing yoga on a regular basis, it helps me stretch out my muscles and relax.

My husband will start teaching at a community college next month.  I am really excited for him, he is a great teacher!

Also, I am not set for sure, but am considering revamping my blog and focusing more on health, nutrition, autism and some family stuff sprinkled in. 

So, that's the most recent stuff.  I will have to do a more lengthy post later on . . .

Here are some photos of us

Family Picture Christmas 2012
Eleanora Elizabeth being held in her daddy's arm (this is one of my all time favorite pictures, ever)

Holding our bundle of joy after she was born

Rylan and Eleanora as "Calvin and Hobbes" for Halloween

Rylan last Spring