Thursday, July 28, 2011

Being a Homemaker

 Recently I decided to start being more of a homemaker.  I have been a stay at home mom for almost a year now, but haven't been really into the homemaker thing so much.  This week I have prepped three meals and put them in my freezer.  Pitted, stemmed and froze probably about 5 pounds of cherries, made muffins, cherry pies and iced tea twice.  I find that I am really enjoying it, it's nice to feel like I accomplish something throughout the day or week.  I also realized it's going to make my life much easier this fall.  I am taking two classes, planning on observing physical therapy clinics and am now a Zumba instructor!  So, between school part time and staying home part time, life is going to be pretty busy.  Here's pictures of some of the cherries and the iced tea.  (Hopefully more pictures to come later, my computer isn't copying my pictures from my camera.  So, once I get that figured out, I'll have to add them or just do another post!)

Some of the cherries I pitted, stemmed and froze.

All the stems.

Cherries ready for to go in a bag and then the freezer.

All the pits.

Iced Tea

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Game Night

My hubby and I have had a few game nights in the past (as you can see in my previous post, it is a goal to have more).  Anyway, I frequently check out deals on a website called  They have lost of sales on all sorts of things for kids and moms, more about them on another post though.  So, I was checking out the deals and come across this game called Bowling Knights.  I thought it looked fun so I ordered and Greyson and I had a game night playing Bowling Knights.  It was really fun!  It's easy to play, but can get a little competitive.  Here's the game night in action.

The goal is to NOT knock over the princess.

Greyson setting up the knights and princess.

Remember how the goal is to NOT knock over the princess?!  Yeah, that didn't happen when I tried, I totally knocked her over.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Goals

I have some goals for the rest of this summer.  Some are short and others definitely long term goals.  So, here's the list.

1. Finish organizing my house
2. Organize the garage (this one is scary!)
3. Pick and register for classes
4. Find a rehab office to start observing Physical Therapy
5. Have more family game nights
6. Run on a more regular basis
7. Find a good Bible study to start
8. Blog more

I think that's it for now. . .I'm sure there are more floating around in my brain.  As I look at my list though, I think that's a pretty good place to start.  It will be nice to start getting them done.  Especially my house and garage.  The house is closer to being done, but I still need to get some stuff into place.  The garage is really is scary!  I need to go through stuff and get rid of stuff like crazy.  Maybe there will be some before and after photos. . .

Well that's it for this exciting post, more to come later!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a Wonderful Year

Three weeks ago, my husband Greyson and I celebrated our one year anniversary!!!  It was absolutely wonderful!  We spent the night at a Bed and Breakfast called, The Glenn Haven Inn and went to dinner in Denver at an Irish Pub and Restaurant (thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for the gift card).  Then we finished up the weekend with walking around Estes Park, doing the touristy thing and checking out all the shops.  It was super relaxing and I think we will definitely have to do it again. 

All dressed up on our way to dinner, which was amazing.

In Estes Park, in between looking at shops.

Having fun doing goofy poses.

Outside of the Glenn Haven Inn

Our room.

Lord Dunraven, who the room is named after.

View from our room.

All the room doors had spiffy lettering.

Everything was quite enjoyable and laid back, I couldn't ask for a better anniversary get away.  It's crazy how fast a year goes by!  Once in awhile, I joke with Greyson that isn't it nice we don't have to get married every year?  Man what a ton of work that would be to plan a wedding every year!  It's funny how you plan and stress for sooo long and then it all seems to fade away at the moment you look down the aisle at your future spouse.  All of the sudden none of the stress and worrying matters, all you can think about is the love you have for each other and that you are about to start on an amazing journey together. 

 Anyone can tell you that marriage isn't always smiles and roses, but it also is a wonderful thing to share your life with someone you love.  There have been arguments, tears and lost tempers, but what normal relationship wouldn't have that?  It's part of life and the journey you share together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Not to say  there aren't any wonderful times either, there plenty of those and they should be enjoyed for what they are.  It's the harder moments though that make you stronger and the bondage of marriage stronger as well. 

I have learned some hard lessons in the past 6 years and though they weren't fun, I know it was well worth learning some of those lessons and being able to see how important love and friendship is.  I have found both with Greyson and am soooo happy to be married to him! 

I love you Greyson, thank you for a wonderful year and I look forward to many more!