Thursday, July 28, 2011

Being a Homemaker

 Recently I decided to start being more of a homemaker.  I have been a stay at home mom for almost a year now, but haven't been really into the homemaker thing so much.  This week I have prepped three meals and put them in my freezer.  Pitted, stemmed and froze probably about 5 pounds of cherries, made muffins, cherry pies and iced tea twice.  I find that I am really enjoying it, it's nice to feel like I accomplish something throughout the day or week.  I also realized it's going to make my life much easier this fall.  I am taking two classes, planning on observing physical therapy clinics and am now a Zumba instructor!  So, between school part time and staying home part time, life is going to be pretty busy.  Here's pictures of some of the cherries and the iced tea.  (Hopefully more pictures to come later, my computer isn't copying my pictures from my camera.  So, once I get that figured out, I'll have to add them or just do another post!)

Some of the cherries I pitted, stemmed and froze.

All the stems.

Cherries ready for to go in a bag and then the freezer.

All the pits.

Iced Tea

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