Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Goals

I have some goals for the rest of this summer.  Some are short and others definitely long term goals.  So, here's the list.

1. Finish organizing my house
2. Organize the garage (this one is scary!)
3. Pick and register for classes
4. Find a rehab office to start observing Physical Therapy
5. Have more family game nights
6. Run on a more regular basis
7. Find a good Bible study to start
8. Blog more

I think that's it for now. . .I'm sure there are more floating around in my brain.  As I look at my list though, I think that's a pretty good place to start.  It will be nice to start getting them done.  Especially my house and garage.  The house is closer to being done, but I still need to get some stuff into place.  The garage is really is scary!  I need to go through stuff and get rid of stuff like crazy.  Maybe there will be some before and after photos. . .

Well that's it for this exciting post, more to come later!

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