Monday, October 17, 2011

A Clean House!

One of the many things on my goals list is to organize our house and I got a little closer to that goal this weekend.  I am having some ladies over to my house tonight for a jewelry party and definitely did not want my house a mess!  I talked to my husband the night I booked the party and told him we have to do some major cleaning before the party.  He said "okay, we can do that".  So, the last week and a half flew by and our house hadn't seen much improvement.  Friday, I told him we really need to clean this weekend and "I have an idea. . .how about you do the kitchen (including the fridge, which I'm pretty sure was growing stuff in the empty crisper drawers, eew!) and bathrooms and I'll do the rest".  He said "okay, that works" and it actually worked great!  I didn't have to ask him once to load or unload the dishwasher, he did it all by himself!!!  I was thrilled and felt like we were doing teamwork even though we weren't working side by side together.  So, most our house is clean. . .there's still our bedroom to finish.  I can't complain though I am sooo happy with the way the house looks and really want to keep it up.  It will really make life much easier and make me less grumpy, that's always a plus especially for my hubby.  Well off to do some prep work for dinner and tonight's party!

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