Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School's Coming Up!

School starts in less than week.  I am quite looking forward to it and this semester I have daytime classes, hooray!  After the summer off I am ready to get back into the school schedule.  This semester is going to be a little crazy, but good.  The classes I am taking are Anatomy and Physiology II and Interpersonal Communication.  A & P is a hard class, but you learn all sorts of cool stuff about the human body.  Not sure what the Interpersonal Comm. class will be like, but my hubby has a masters in communications, so I can get help from him if need be.  Then on top of taking classes, I am going to be observing physical therapy at an outpatient clinic here in town and am planning on starting my Zumba classes in the next month or two.  Life will be pretty busy, but it'll be nice to have a routine again.

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