Monday, January 3, 2011

And. . .1, 2, 3 GO!!! Back to the Normal Routine

So, the holiday season as it were has come and gone.  It's funny how it's crazy busy and then before you know it it's over and back to routine we go.  I'll have to say the last two Christmas' and New Year's have been 2 of the best I have ever had.  Last year I was anxiously awaiting for my now husband (Greyson) to propose, which he did on New Year's (even though I was half asleep on the couch).  This year was our first year as a married couple and we were able to enjoy Christmas time and New Year's with both of our families.  So, there will be more to talk about of our Holiday adventures (not sure how adventurous they were, but it sounds good anyway) and of course some pictures too.  Hope everyone is enjoying this new year and getting back to routine.   

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